Online burger index curated by The Oinkster
Great for either Easter or 420 brunch options, Grill ‘em All has ya covered with their April Burg of the Month:
The Tokkaebi Burger aka The Wing Kanemura!?
Kimchee, Bulgogi, Pajeon (Korean Pancake), All House Made with Sriracha, Lettuce, Gochu-jang Sauce on a ½-lb Burger 

© Kirsten Strecker
Burger Love: Happy Easter! Ready in just 30 minutes, these delicious burgers are topped with Green-Chile Relish and fried eggs.
Recipe: Green-Chile Burgers with Fried Eggs
ffredforeverr:Didn’t really get a chance to snap any pics last night besides this one. Got caught up yappin’. Thank you so much to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us. It was such a blast! 
Oinkster BOTM fan pic:
The Easter Brunch Burger with a double patty! He is cool. This one’s topped with Oinkster Pastrami Hash, Scrambled Eggs, House Made Ranchero Sauce, American Cheese & Bacon served on a Toasted English Muffin!
Flashback Friday
That time we made a guest appearance during Outkast’s reunion. 
Don’t miss them tonight!!!
collaborative .gif w/ Anthony Samaniego
@burgerlords Alumni, @theotherfudge, going hard in the paint. You can view this beautiful piece during the grand opening of @theoinkster on 4/22 from 11am - 10pm. http://ift.tt/1gHwXqL
We’re not going back to Coachella this weekend, but all of our food friends are!  Like Beer Belly who will be in the Craft Beer Terrace area next to Mohawk Bend & Tony’s
Beer Belly Grilled Cheese- Cheddar, asiago, gruyere, goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon, maple syrup drizzle
Q: How do I become one of the first customers at your Hollywood location??
Asked by brit2d2
ffredforeverr::Very honored to get to work with @theotherfudge on this @theoinkster project. We’ve been planning it for so long and it’s so great to finally see it all come to fruition. The restaurant came out so killer and this is the icing on the cake! (at the oinkster)
We’re re-visiting some of our favorite .gifs we’ve made, like that time we we made a burger out of only rings. 
All of these were made in collaboration with photographer Anthony Samaniego.  Check out his Tumblr here to see some his wild personal work. 

Tumblr Tuesday: Coachella Edition
CoachellaThe most official place to catch up on Coachella-certified tunes, food and booze.
BurgerlordsPraise be to our burger overlords, master of all things ground beef, creators of the online burger index. Curation by The Oinkster. 
Laura June KirschA professional concert photographer at Coachella with a penchant for GIFs and waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care.
Food is the New RockEating sushi in the desert takes some major surimi. These guys do it so you don’t have to. 
Milk StudiosCovering: everything about Coachella. Not covering: milk or any other dairy product.
GIF via Burgerlords with Anthony Samaniego

Thank you for the love Tumblr, and for sending us to Coachella!
We’re re-visiting some of our favorite .gifs we’ve made like this monster tower.
All of these were made in collaboration with photographer Anthony Samaniego.  Check out his Tumblr here to see some of his wild personal work.  
Did you know we also own an art gallery called Slow Culture located in the  Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood, Highland Park?  This multi-purpose creative space has been designed to allow for flexible programming options such as: artist exhibitions + installations, lectures, workshops, creative meetings and retail pop-ups.  The retail aspect of the space offers a carefully curated selection of books, zines, art prints, and curios.  
We have a food inspired show opening Friday May 9 with artist Ben Sanders.  For more info visit us here:  Slow Culture.

slow-culture::wild .gif by photographer Anthony Samaniego.  
Check out his Tumblr here to see some of his personal work. 
We’re re-visiting some of our favorite .gifs we’ve made, like that time we set a burger on fire.  And yes that is real fire. 
All of these were made in collaboration with photographer Anthony Samaniego.  Check out his Tumblr here to see some his wild personal work.  
It’s been 2+ years in the making, but did you know the 2nd Oinkster is opening in Hollywood?  Didn’t?  Well now you do!  It’s coming April 21st and we can’t wait for you to see it!
Check out a preview of what’s to come from LA Weekly here
We also commissioned burger connoisseur Travis Millard to paint this guy somewhere special at the restaurant.  It’s hush hush for now, but we’ll be revealing it soon!